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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
Written by: Mrs.Yolonda on 9/5/2015
"Very bad work. Samantha cut customer's hair shorter then customer wanted. Then her co worker came over to scoff customer ,harass customer. Using offending words: Such as: "NOW YOU CAN WEAR EXTENTIONS"! She said this with a smirk on her face. The on site manager turned a blind eye. As though she condoned of this mistreatment. The customer was sitting there then Cecilia came over to finish cutting the hair. No apology nothing. Giving the impression customer was welcomed to stay. Then customer wanted to use bathroom. Cecilia forcibly aggressively attacked the customer. By grabbing the customer with both arms. According to web site: California has a Stand your ground law. When customer attempted to defend self, Cecilia didn't like this. Customer attempted make a police report with: Covina Police. The police sided with. Cecilia. Police used: Prompting. Violation: Rule:4. Example: ( I HAVE LOTS OF WITNESES). They asked her questions with out her Miranda Warning. Then Arrested customer. Nothing to Supercuts employees. In Covina. Cross streets: Azusa and San Bernardino Rd. "
No, I would not recommend this hair stylist.